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Production Sale:  Below are the results of the 2017 Spring Production Sale.

 Chappell Bulls:   

Lot_13_-_C338_-_023_-_2017.jpgChappell Wilbur C338

Sold to Tom Bossert of Mill Hall, PA for $1,800


   Lot_8_-_D340_-_008_-_2017.jpgChappell Red Distinct D340   

Sold to Craig Davis of Ford City, PA for $5,100






Lot_5_-_D341_-_024.jpgChappell Red Legacy D341

Sold to Jeff Bower of Linden, PA for $2,900




Lot_2_-_D345_-_013.jpgChappell Liberator D345  

Sold to Ed Gallagher of Clarksburg, PA for $$2,900





D348_-_014.jpgChappell Mr Primo D348  

Sold to Mallow Farms of Upper Tract, WV for $2,900



Swank Farm Bulls 

1606.jpgSwank Red Quest Desperado 1606 

Sold to Roger Breault of Putnam, CT for $2,800




1617.jpgSwank Deep Direction 1617

Sold to Douglas Reed of Punxsutawney, PA for $2,200





1603.jpgSwank Independence Domino 1603


Scratched from Sale



1623.jpgSwank Red Quest Denver 1623

No Sale


1629.jpgSwank Night Durell 1629

No Sale




No Sale




1555.jpgSwank Red Capital 1555

Sold to O. Colin Stine of Shepherdstown, WV for $2,500


1560.jpgSwank Red Commander 1560

No Sale



Wrights Mill Farm Bulls 


WMF Power Train 

Sold to John Stevenson from Milan, PA for $2,900






WMF Gator


Scratched from Sale






WMF Fire Bomb

Sold to Mallow Farms of Upper Tract, WV for $1,800






Chappell Heifers

Lot_22_-_D347_-_012.jpgChappell Marie D347

Sold to Roger Breault of Putnam, CT for $3,200





Lot_19_-_D349_-_011.jpgChappell Zara D349

Sold to Roger Breault of Putnam, CT for $3,000





Lot_27_-_D350_-_023.jpgChappell Tamara D350

Sold to Lee Spangler of Mifflinburg, PA for $1,900





Swank Farm Females 

swank_farm_logo.jpgSwank Corrissa 1558


Sold to Joe Rose of Bedford, PA for $2,800




swank_farm_logo.jpgSwank Callie 1567

Sold to Kent Haines of Capon Bridge, WV for $2,400


1610_-_Lot_20.jpgSwank Miss Daya 1610 

Sold to Paul Laddick for $1,700




1624_-_Lot_23.jpgSwank Daralynn 1624

No Sale


1625_-_Lot_25.jpgSwank Dacy 1625

Sold to Lucas Stover of Aaronsburg, PA for $1,700


1630_-_Lot_29.jpgSwank Dakota 1630

No Sale


Wrights Mill Farm Heifers:


 WMF Ginger   

No Sale







WMF Holly

No Sale






WMF152_3558620_WMF_Diamond.JPGWMF Diamond

No Sale






WMF154_3559807_WMF_Clara.JPGWMF Clara   

No Sale







WMF155_3558615_WMF_Thelma.JPGWMF Thelma  

Sold to Dan Hill of Leetonia, OH for $1,500






WMF156_3558619_WMF_Louise.JPGWMF Louise  

Sold to Dan Hill of Leetonia, OH for $1,500






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